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Jai Datta

Jai Datta is a main character set to appear in ABC's Whiskey Cavalier. He is an CIA agent.


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Will Chase

Will and Jai are both FBI agents. Jai also joins his and Francesca's team of spies.

Francesca Trowbridge

Jai joins Francesca's and Will's team of spies

Susan Sampson

Susan and Jai join Francesca's and Will's team of spies.

Edgar Standish

Edgar and Jai join Francesca's and Will's team of spies.


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"You know, I am aware that this chronic attention to detail can make me seem difficult. But, see, in my job, being meticulous is everything. If a gun doesn't work, if a bullet is missing, if I don't nano-track every single guest, people could die. People have. I'm good at my job because I'm obsessive. But I know it doesn't always make me the easiest person to be around." (Mrs. and Mr. Trowbridge)


Jai speaks seven languages, including English and Portuguese (The English Job).