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Edgar Standish

Edgar Standish is a main character set to appear in ABC's Whiskey Cavalier. He starts out as Will Chase's and Francesca Trowbridge's target. But he later joins their inter-agency team.


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He is described as "a rogue NSA analyst who hacked the State Department’s mainframe. A jittery genius, he now has enough super-secret information to get him bought off, imprisoned or killed by a dozen governments".


Will Chase

Edgar starts out as Will's target, but later joins his and Francesca's team of spies.

Francesca Trowbridge

Edgar starts out as Francesca's target, but later joins her and Will's team of spies.

Susan Sampson

Susan and Edgar both become part of the team of spies.

Jai Datta

Jai and Edgar both become part of the team of spies.


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  • Tyler James Williams and Lauren Cohan both starred on The Walking Dead previously.